Apexi Installation Instruction Manual: AVC-R Wiring Diagram. Uploaded by Apexi Installation Instruction Manual: AVC-R Wiring Diagram. A’PEXi. AVC-R Installation. *Do this at your own risk. we dont guarantee anything . Make sure you know exactly what you are doing, viagra 40mg and that you. How to Install and Tune an AVC-R Boost Controller. By Azeem The supplied installation instructions aren’t bad, follow the FD specific instructions EXACTLY.

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A guide to fitting and setting up the Apexi AVC-R – Electronics – UK Starlet Owners

Find a hose on intake manifold and ‘T’ it to the pressure sensor. But learn mode may work better in your car Find More Posts by 92redhatch. So loss of power to the solenoid will result in low boost, not max boost Last edited by grumblemarc; at Dialing out the spike perfectly takes a LOT of time Have I got that appexi

Pinned an nice write up. If so recheck everything. I used ‘start-duty’ described below to control initial boost spiking. Start-Duty This controls initial spiking – i.

If you are interested in contributing, contact us. If you blow through the solenoid NO or COM port you will feel a little resistance, but air will flow. Once you are done connecting the ECU, replace the ECU cover and run the wires going to the head-unit toward the bottom of the black plastic ECU cover where there is an opening and replace the two 10mm bolts.


This feature reduces the max boost a little, when going from negative pressure to boost Posted July 4, If one is man enough to take the time to know how to use it. Now pick a setting, A or B Pretty much works like presets on a radio. But in my opinion I like all the things you can do with a dollar solenoid.

Posted January 28, If there is a problem with the install, i. Remove air box and intake piping so that you can access the precontrol and WG actuators look almost straight down.

AVC-R Installation

When all wires were in the engine bay Installatin added bullet connectors and made them water tight with heatshrink. Just want you to be sure you’re clear.

Its like Kleenex and tissue: Micra owners will have it a bit easier here seeing as your ECU is behind the dash, which can easily be found by removing the glovebox Unplug the connectors from the ECU from behind the centre console under the dash on the driver’s side EP82 owners. It’s time to turn her on. You do not need to cut the wires, the wire ‘ends’ can be removed from the plastic connector using a small screwdriver pop out plastic insert. Find More Posts by phat00civic.


AVC-R Installation

Cut the two connectors from the stack of wires to make it easier to route the wires through the grommet and later solder and heat shrink them back together.

Register a new account. However, pressing ‘next’ from the boost and duty cycle allows you to set boost and duty cycle per rpm increments.

I mean, it all depends upon the setup and what’s used. Next you need to install the map sensor.

Apexi AVCR help install

After that’s done, plug in the Map sensor and the Solenoid! The following errors occurred with your submission.

In most cases those with D and B motors turbo charge them in stock form for the max output before the rods break, or other engine damage occurs.

Good luck, Azeem araja kestelsolutions. I have no idea why they put such massive connectors on the parts, but there we go You can add it if you wish although there is no point unless you have a TPS from an automatic starlet as that does use a progressive TPS