PHOTOGRAPHS AND FINGERPRINTS AS PER SECTION 32A OF. REGISTRATION ACT, (C&IGR&S Circular Memo No G1//99, dated ). Issue #5 new · Gary Teena repo owner created an issue Foo. Form 32a Land Registration Doc For Governament Of Andhra Pradesh. PHOTOGRAPH AND FINGERRINTS AS PER SECTION 32A I/We send herewith my/our photograph (s) and the finger prints in the form prescribed, through my.

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Provided that no advocate, pleader or Mukhtar shall be required to have a licence under section 68B. All times are GMT Amendments to section 60 are the same as in Kerala.

Form 32a Land Registration Doc For Governament Of Andhra Pradesh

Jobs Coaching Events Bare Acts. Madan Gopal, Provided that a photostat copy filed before notification under sub-section 1 is issued and not copied in the appropriate book shall be deemed to be a true copy for the purposes of this section and shall be laminated in accordance with the procedure laid down in this section: For clause c of sub-section 1substitute the following namely: Documents scanned by electronic devices in areas notified by the State Andhrz.

Sub-section 2 of section 30 shall be omitted. In its application to the State of Orissa, in section 55,—.

Registration Act Section 32a – Court Andhra – Judgments | LegalCrystal

Officers of registration offices. Act 19 ofsec. Amendments to section 46 are the same as in Pradexh. Act 31 ofsec. Provided that no such certificate shall be granted unless due enquiry is made and such person has been given an opportunity of being heard.


Provided further that if the photostat oand already filed is dim or has otherwise become illegible, the registering officer shall, with the prior approval of the registrar, require the party concerned to deliver the document to him for getting its copy prepared for lamination, and if the party concerned informs him that the document has been lost or destroyed, the photostat copy lanv in the registering office shall be copied in the appropriate book.

Your authorisation in form 32 A is sufficient.

Paddavva, AIR Mad Hi, Reviving this thread lahd ask a somewhat related question: Note that there is no existing POA – having which could have helped us – can I can send notarized forms for POA to someone who can complete any process there for registration? Registration of documents executed by Government officers or certain public functionaries.

Form 32a Land Registration Doc For Governament Of Andhra Pradesh

But the apartments are near ready to be certified as completed rebistration there is a very short time gap between which we can complete this to save some money.

Do leave a comment if you have a specific query or request.


For sub-section 1 of section 62 substitute the following: Forms Scorecard Today’s Birthdays. Provided that no such authorisation shall enable a Sub-Registrar to hear an appeal against an order passed by himself under this Act. Same as in Pondicherry above. In section 30, sub-section 2 labd be omitted.

Saving of certain enactments and powers of Courts. How about the Power of attorney related questions? Co-operative Societies Act,or the rules made thereunder shall send a copy of such certificate to the registering office within the local limits of whose jurisdiction the whole or any part of the immovable property comprised in such certificate is situate, and such registering officer shall file the copy in his Book No.

Documents for registration to be accompanied by a true copy thereof. Power to make rules regulating the writing of documents. Bookmarks Legal Dictionary Files Judiciary. Time for presenting documents. Bookmarks Bookmarks Google Digg del.

Free for one month and pay only if you like it. Act 14 ofomitted by U. Wills may be presented or deposited at any time.