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three specified configurations as provided in AISC Supplement No. 1 thus allows moment end plates to be considered for use in the. AISC’s Supplement No. 1 to Prequalified Connections for Special and Intermediate Steel Moment Frames for Seismic Applications (ANSI/AISC. 1 (includes supplement) Supersedes ANSI/AISC and ANSI/ AISC s Approved by the AISC Connection Prequalification Review Panel .

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The required shear strength, Vu, of the beam shall be taken equal to the larger of the two values of Vh computed at each end of the beam in Step 3. Built-up box columns shall not have a width or depth exceeding 16 in. Substitute the effective depth, deff, of the beam and brackets for the wisc depth, d. The lower bolts failed prematurely by tension rupture because of the increase in the distance from the neutral axis due to the presence of the composite slab. Determine the sizes of the connected members beams and column and compute the moment at the face of the column, Mf.

Compute the probable maximum moment at the face of the column: Consequently, it is believed that lateral bracing requirements established for the RBS moment connection are satisfactory, and perhaps somewhat conservative, for the WUF-W moment connection. Nothing in this Standard shall preclude the use of connection types contained herein outside the indicated limitations, nor the use of other connection types, when satisfactory evidence of qualification in accordance with the AISC Seismic Provisions is presented to the authority having jurisdiction.

These are illustrated in Figure C The fasteners shall pass through the interior of the box column and be anchored on the opposite face. Symbols without text definitions, used in only one location and defined at that location, are omitted in some cases. Mv on each side of the column can be computed as the quantity Vh sh, where Vh is the shear at 3558-05 point of theoretical plastic iasc, computed in accordance with Equation Shims, if required, may be finger shims or may be made with drilled or punched holes.

When grinding the weld root and base metal area, previously deposited weld toe regions and their associated fracture initiation sites are removed, therefore the horizontal leg of the fillet weld need not be extended to base metal.


Select one of the three end-plate moment connection configurations and establish preliminary values for the connection geometry g, pfi, pfo, pb, g, hi, etc. In the test specimens used to prequalify this connection, electroslag, gas shielded metal arc, and flux cored arc welding have been used.

AISC 358-10 Prequalified Connections

The required strength of the fillet welds shall not be less than Fy Ac, where Ac is defined as the contact areas between the continuity plate and the column flanges that have attached beam flanges and Fy is defined as the specified minimum yield stress of the continuity plate. Design a single-plate shear connection for the required shear strength, Vu, calculated in Step 14 and located at the face of the column, meeting the requirements of the AISC Specification.

This includes specimens with very strong panel zones no yielding in the panel zonespecimens with very weak panel zones essentially all yielding in the panel zone and no yielding in the beamand specimens where yielding has been shared between the panel zone and the beam. Net section rupture is a clear possibility in the beam flange and flange plates, and it is very difficult to meet the net section rupture criteria if more than two rows of bolts are employed.

AISC Prequalified Connections

It should be noted, however, that the BFP and most other prequalified connections do not have specific seismic test data to document the prequalification of built-up beam sections.

In the welded detail, the beam web is welded directly to the column flange using a complete-joint-penetration groove weld.

Tests have shown that the use of finger shims between the end-plate and the column flange do not affect the performance of the aisd Sumner et al.

Process of cutting steel by the heat from an electric arc applied simultaneously with an air jet. Verify that the beam flange force does not exceed the available tensile strength of the bolts at the flange connection. Ultimate failure typically occurs at interstory drift angles of approximately 0.


When checking compression buckling of the flange plate, the effective length, KL, may be taken as 0. The collar bolts transfer these forces in tension through the orthogonal collar flanges, which then transfer the forces through the rear collar bolts attached to the collar flange on the opposite face of the column. Plastic Hinge Location This Standard specifies the presumed location of the plastic hinge for each prequalified connection type.

Concrete shall have day compressive strength not less than 3, psi 21 MPa. This book or any 38-05 thereof must not be reproduced in any form without the written permission of the publisher.

This Standard specifically addresses the following four causes that were identified in the SAC study: Inner bolt pitch, the distance between the face of the beam flange and the first row of inside or outside bolts, must be sufficient to allow bolt tightening. Two of the test specimens, CR1 and CR4, were inadvertently welded with low-toughness weld metal.

Continuity plates shall conform to the requirements for wide-flange columns. Compute the probable maximum moment, Mpr, at the center of the reduced beam section: Unless specified to be removed by the engineer of record, weld tabs shall not be removed when used in this location.


aisf Eight-bolt stiffened extended end-plate 8ES geometry. The removal of weld tabs is performed to remove the weld discontinuities and defects that may be present at these start and stop locations. However, this moment cannot be accurately determined until the geometry of the flange plate and bolt spacing are established. Plastic Hinge Location The distance of the plastic hinge from the face of the column, Sh, shall be taken in accordance with the requirements for the individual connection as specified herein.

Check the flange plate for compression buckling. Beams are delivered to the job site with the collar flange assemblies shop-welded to the ends of the beams. Yielding and hinge formation are intended to occur primarily within the reduced section of the beam.