The Ahiara Declaration. By Emeka Ojukwu. Markpress, Geneva, (for the. Government of Biafra), No price. These three books are General Ojukwu’s own. The Ahiara Declaration and Ndigbo. ‚ÄúToday, Monday January 16, in Ahiara, Imo State, we are commemorating an epochal event that. Ahiara Declaration was all about doctrines, philosophy, teachings and preachments about what a good government should be and do for the.

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All the modern institutions – the Legislature, the Civil Service, the Army, the Police, the Judiciary, the Universities, the Trade Unions and the organs of mass information – were devalued and made the tools of corrupt political power. However, Ikoku could not confirm or deny but in his humble manner he explained that he was not the only author of the Ahiara Declaration.

There is no room for the public servant who is corrupt or who uses public facilities to promote his private ends. In the Okigwe sector, from where the enemy made the thrust that brought him into Umuahia, the situation remains unchanged, with our troops making the entire enemy route from Okigwe to Umuahia no joy ride.

For us, a revolution is a change – a quick change, a change for the better. Our struggle is not a mere resistance – that would be purely negative.

Nigeria: Ojukwu, ‘Ahiara Declaration’ and Biafra

The information he gives out will spread and reach the ear of the enemy. Your Web browser is not enabled for JavaScript. Biafra will not betray the Black man. We were once Nigerians, today we are Biafrans.


The Ahiara declaration : the principles of the Biafran revolution (Book, ) []

The mass deaths of our citizens resulting from starvation and indiscriminate air raids and large despoliation of towns and villages are a mere continuation of this crime. We must not flag. Some who do not wish Nigeria well may wish to differ, but, looking at what we, the Igbo, have achieved in every area of development with just N Are we going to watch the very disease which caused the demise of Nigeria take declarwtion in our new Biafra?

The ordinary Biafran says no. It was at this declaratiob that with cynical imperturbability they carved up the African continent, and boxed up the native populations in artificial states designed purely to minister to white economic interests. No matter the odds, we will fight with all our might until black men everywhere can, with pride, point to this Republic, standing dignified and defiant, as an example of African nationalism triumphant over its many and age-old enemies.

Nigeria: Ojukwu, ‘Ahiara Declaration’ and Biafra –

Our disagreement with the Nigerians arose in part from a conflict between two diametrically opposed conceptions of the end and purpose of the modern African state. Home About Help Search. Take any of the institutions and the history is the same. The revolution cannot wait for the indolent, inefficient and corrupt public servant. This control is fast becoming declarqtion in the Organisation of African Unity. For this and for the many miracles of our time, let us give thanks to Almighty God.

So also did support for the South-South come from our respected traditional rulers, revered religious leaders of all denominations, major political stakeholders and the masses of the Igbo nation, who came out to register and support a South-South presidency at the election proper last April.


When it became no longer profitable to them to continue with the depopulation and uncontrolled spoilation of Negro Africa, their need of the moment became to exploit the natural resources of the continent, using Negro labour.

The message of the Revolution has tended to fly over their heads. If we try to unite with other primary producers to obtain better terms of trade, we find that because of our poverty we cannot hold out long enough against the aggressive policies of these rich industrialized countries.

All the speakers during the ceremony spoke glowingly about Ojukwu. Biafra today is no longer a lost cause.

In Biafra that single individual counts. But they have failed. Remember me on this computer. I thank you all the part you have played and have continued to play in this struggle, for your devotion to the high ideals and principles on which this Republic was founded. Ojukwu emphasizes the difference between this revolution and other revolutions, in that the world seems to be unified against their cause; economic and political interests, as well as racist indifference to the suffering of black-skinned noncombatants, are the especial challenges of the Biafran movement.

It will be essential to stream-line this machinery so as to facilitate its processes and make legal redress available to all citizens.