Amelia Opie, née Alderson (12 November – 2 December ), was an English author More novels followed: Adeline Mowbray (), Simple Tales ( ), Temper (), Tales of Real Life (), Valentine’s Eve (), Tales of . CHAPTER I. In an old family mansion, situated on an estate in Gloucestershire known by the name of Rosevalley, resided Mrs Mowbray, and Adeline her only. This becomes clear in Adeline Mowbray (), a novel which, as we shall Adeline Mowbray, the enthusiasm for the French Revolution has long faded away .

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Adeline Mowbray by Amelia Opie

Except that it pretty much fell off the literary map, didn’t it, so thanks to Pandora for bringing back and giving it some life again. Despite some standard-issue melodrama and creaky plot dev I set out to read Amelia Opie’s novel Adeline Mowbray more from sociological than literary interest: Rainer Werner Fassbinder, whose brilliant films, such as Ali: Adeline, Opie says approvingly, would be the first to shun some acquaintances of Glenmurray’s if she knew their true character their primary faults adwline those of promiscuity —implying that she herself is invested in the shame-based social structure, even if she wishes it would not shame Adeline.

Then there are the results she anticipates for her children: InAmelia Opie joined the Society of Friendsdue to the influence of Joseph John Gurney and his sisters, who were long-time friends and neighbours in Norwich, [1] despite the objections to it made by her recently deceased father.

The back-cover material of my copy of Adeline Mowbray claims that the novel contrasts “the world as it is” with “the world as it should be,” and that’s a tempting way to reconcile Opie’s seemingly conflicting messages: Sign in with your library card. Obviously, it was bold to depict a heroine ade,ine has a free sexual relationship out of choice and principal, but the novel spends two thirds of its time undoing that in nowbray worst possible way. Immediately, with an unreserve which nothing but her ignorance of the world, modbray the strange education adeeline she had received, could at all mowbrzy, she began to declaim against marriage, as an institution at once absurd, unjust, and immoral, and to declare that she would never submit to so contemptible a form, or profane the sacred ties of love by so odious and unnecessary a ceremony.


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But it is actually more complex than that. Nov 29, Meredith Miller rated it mowbra it. She was a cousin of notable judge Edward Hall Aldersonwith whom she corresponded throughout her life, and also a cousin of notable artist Henry Perronet Briggs. Everyone who ever makes a mistake dies. Sign in to annotate. Opie was a friend of Mary Wollstonecraft and William Godwin, and Adeline Mowbraywhich deals with the effects of a cohabitational relationship outside of marriage, is partly based on their relationship.

Her own great study of stigma, Frankensteindraws on gothic and science-fiction conventions which still have a grip on the imagination.

It’s always easy to read these books mowray a modern perspective, like who cares that people live together unmarried and even have a kid together?

I also couldn’t avoid mowbry gossipy curiosity about how the novel’s models, Mary Wollstonecraft and William Godwin, took to their friend Amelia’s representations of them.

She encounters a lot of judgmental people who give her a lot of sass for her decision not to marry Glenmurray, and there’s a terribly long chapter in which there is a lot of Adeline’s thoughts on marriage and society. When I first read it, I found its melodramatic elements difficult to take.

Mary Wollstonecraft — author and advocate of women’s rights. Her relationship with the philosopher Glenmurray is shocking to society, but she sticks to her guns, which I admire. Views Read Edit Kowbray history. Adeline Mowbray by Amelia Opie. InAlderson married John Opiethe painter. Gildencroft Quaker Cemetery, Norwich.

In a nutshell, the book is about a woman who tries to live unmarried with her lover, is stigmatised, and suffers terribly. I set out to read Amelia Opie’s novel Adeline Mowbray more from sociological than literary interest: Jun 21, Michael rated it it was amazing Shelves: So too, when Glenmurray dies Adeline will be left in poverty because she can’t inherit or at least, she doesn’t inherit because her husband, despite ostensibly being tortured by the idea of leaving her destitute, doesn’t change his will.

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Amelia Opie

I picked this book up once upon a time because I had never heard of it and the publisher, Pandora, specializes in “Mothers of the Novel”, which I thought was neat because there are all these books written long ago that no one has ever heard of, primarily because they were written by women. Kypseli rated it it was ok Oct 23, And later on, even if Adeline manages to find a man who falls in love with her and “makes her an honest woman,” her scandalous past will mean he is ashamed to admit to his friends and acquaintances that he is married at all, and even professionals like lawyers and merchants will fail to take her seriously, thinking she is still a kept woman.


Feb 24, Billie rated it really liked it. This particular book was written by Amelie Opie, a woman who was friends with Mary Wollstonecraft – the mother of Mary Shelley. Aug 21, Jess Swann rated it liked it.

A portrait of Amelia Opie by her husband, John Opie. Brad rated it it was ok May 25, In the novel, Adeline becomes involved with a philosopher early on, who takes a firm stand against marriage, only to be convinced to marry a West Indian landowner against her better judgment.

This page was last edited on 24 Septemberat Related Content Related Overviews Mary Wollstonecraft — author and advocate of women’s rights William Godwin — philosopher and novelist. Don’t have an account? Mary’s minor character and sex worker dialogue is pitc Too aeline sentimental moralising for me. Erika Maria rated it liked adelinw Jul 10, Her conclusions are unsettling to modern readers, though reasonable for her times, and I rather wished for a slightly less downbeat ending, but it’s a very thoughtful book, with some excellent and deep characterization, particularly of Adeline and her mother.

The wry postmodern melodrama always encourages suspicion. One thing though, Opie has an incredible ear for speech. Christie Cho rated it liked it May 13, In the meantime, however, she published an anti-slavery poem titled, The Black Man’s Lament in and a volume adeilne devotional poems, Lays aseline the Dead in