Acacia retinodes is an evergreen Tree growing to 6 m (19ft 8in). It is hardy to zone (UK) 8. It is in leaf all year, in flower from February to August. The species is . Water wattle (Acacia retinodes) is a small tree native to Australia. It is cultivated as an ornamental tree in warmer parts of the world. It is known. Acacia Retinodes from Burncoose Nurseries available online to buy – Information : narrow willow leaves, lime tolerant. Flowers intermittently all year.

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Australia treatment of A.

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Simmons illustration qcacia var. If you have important information about this plant that may help other users please add a comment or link below.

On coastal dunes, and sandy soils over limestone. Most specimens referable to A. This species is said to be hardy from mid-Sussex southwards and westwards[1]. A widely cultivated, fast-growing but short-lived hardy species with unobtrusive flowers that occur sporadically throughout much of the year retinoidess with the main flush in spring and summer.

Chemical options include herbicide application through cut stump or basal bark methods. Smartphone users quickly have information on a plant directly for the pfaf.


These restrictions may prevent the use of one or more of the methods referred to, depending on individual circumstances.

Acacia Retinodes from Burncoose Nurseries

Only comments or links that are felt to be directly relevant to a plant will be included. Branchlets often lightly pruinose.

Keep up to date on offers, events and news from us and the rest of the Caerhays Estate. It is now a handsome specimen some 2 meters high. Jump to a taxon beginning with the letter: Plants For A Future have a number of books available in paperback and digital form. Restricted to the Mt Lofty Ranges, S.

Weeds of Australia – Biosecurity Queensland Edition Fact Sheet

Flowers intermittently all year. Stored seed should be scarified, pre-soaked for 12 hours in warm water and then sown in a warm greenhouse in March. Pedley Racosperma retinodes Schltdl. A detailed discussion of var. Details of the breeding system are discussed in the papers of J.

Click on images to enlarge. Our new book to be released soon is Edible Shrubs.

Rob and Fiona Richardson old fruit Photo: Unfortunately we then had to change our septic tank system and the tree is now some 3 meters away from the tanks and the necessary pipework. Phyllodes sometimes similar to those of A. Synonymy Acacia retinodes var.


All-purpose organic concentrated seaweed feed that is a ready to use, derived retinoieds sustainable harvested kelp, that can be used on all outdoor and indoor plants, except acid loving plants.

Acacia retinodes Plant List: This page was last edited on 8 Decemberat Branchlets often pendulous, lightly pruinose or not. Occurs on the southern Eyre Penin. Informations on Acacia retinodes has been recorded for the following locations.

Please acacoa this link for images of water wattle.

Acacia retinodes Swamp Wattle, Water wattle PFAF Plant Database

This website uses cookies and by using our site you agree to this. Water wattle Acacia retinodes is a small tree native to Australia. Acacia retinodes Scientific classification Kingdom: Plants are fairly retinoiees of salt in the soil and salt-laden winds[].

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