Hacker exam may be taken on the last day of the training (optional). Students need to pass the online exam to receive CEH certification. Certification. Number of Questions: ; Test Duration: 4 Hours; Test Format: Multiple Choice; Test Delivery: ECC EXAM, VUE; Exam Prefix: (ECC EXAM), ECCouncil TestKing’s Certified Ethical Hacker () PassGuide 50_,Q&A ECCouncil Ethical Hacking and Countermeasures.

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Passwords are the key piece of information needed to access a system. The most recent revisions to the objectives—and to the whole program— were enacted in and are reflected in this book.

You can use the Guest account or any other domain account.

TestKings 312-50

A number of network-management tools can assist you with this step. What is war dialing used for?

Preparation Conduct Security Evaluation 312-550 The Preparation phase involves a formal agreement between the ethical hacker and the organization. A hacker watches the flow of data to see what time certain transactions take place and where the traffic is going.

The corporate security policy should address how and when accounts are set-up and termi- nated, how often password are changes, who can access what information and how violations or the policy are to be handled. Sometimes the information can be used to launch a social engineering attack. For example, a hacker can impersonate a help-desk employee and get the user to give them information such as a password. SMB is not enabled, and the system is susceptible to null sessions.

Rootkits include so-called back doors to help an attacker subsequently access the system more easily. A proxy server is a computer that acts as an intermediary between the hacker and the target computer.


The second half contains only letters and symbols and will take 60 seconds to crack. Filstype gathering is also known as footprinting an organization. Configuring a proxy filtering gateway D.

What port number does FTP use? Visit the Sybex website at www. Footprinting can reveal system vulnerabilities and identify the ease with which they can be exploited. Most commonly, the attack uses fietype dictionary file of possible words, which is hashed using the same algorithm used by the authentication process.

You might feel the security checks were too stringent!

Vulnerability research is the process of discovering vulnerabilities and design weaknesses that could lead to an attack on a system. As you finish each chapter, answer the filettype questions and then check your answers—the correct answers appear on the page following the last review question.

Null scan has all flags off or not set. What is it called when a hacker pretends to be a valid user on the system? These technologies and attack methods will each be discussed in later chapters. Learn the switches for performing nmap scanning using the nmap command.

White-box testing is a security audit performed with internal knowledge of the systems.

In-depth knowledge about highly targeted platforms such as Windows, Unix, and Linux is also a requirement. Active reconnaissance can give a hacker an indication of security measures in place is the front door locked? Don’t include a period before the file extension. Defining the Skills Required to Become an Ethical Hacker Ethical hackers who stay a step ahead of malicious hackers must be 3125-0 systems experts who are very knowledgeable about computer programming, networking and operating systems.

All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. An exploit is a defined way to breach the security of an IT system through a vulnerability. Such tools are gener- ally used to manage network devices but can filetupe turned against security administrators by 312-550 hackers.


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This process of testing the security of a system or network is known as a penetration test. Enum is also capable of brute-force dictionary attacks on individual accounts. The recommended password-change interval is every 30 days. This is a well-known port number and can be found in the Windows services file. Using the new bug in the Windows, these viruses infect the computer unnoticeably. Ethical hackers use tools to find systems that may be vulnerable to an exploit because of the operating system, network configuration, or applications installed on the systems, and prevent an attack.

Many times, a help desk is the target of a social-engineering attack because their job is to help people—and recovering or resetting passwords is a common function of the help desk.

Systems should enforce 8—12 character alphanumeric passwords. A hacker can use a web spider to automate the information gathering process.

For example, the rootkit may hide an application that spawns a shell when the filwtype con- nects to a particular network port on the system. SNMP is a protocol used to manage network infrastructure devices. This tool identifies who has registered domain names used for e-mail or websites. War dialing is used to test dial-in remote access system security.

This vulnerability scanner produces an HTML- based report of security issues found on the target system and other information. White hats White Hats are the good guys, the ethical hackers who use their hacking skills for defensive purposes.