BIR Form No. M Monthly Percentage Tax Return Vat/Percentage Tax Return – This BIR return shall be filed in triplicate by the following: Persons whose. Monthly PercentageTax Return BIR Form M – You are possibly viewing an older version of this form. Click here to check for an updated one. (To be filled up by the BIR) Creditable Percentage Tax Withheld Per BIR Form No. M. September (ENCS). Monthly Percentage. Tax Return. BIR.

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However, they are encouraged to prepare and fill-up forms using the Offline eBIRForms and submit via email for their ease, convenience and avoid long lines during the filing period. The filename shall contain the following information separated by an underline: This, however, presupposes a situation where only the date of notarization appears on the document.

How to I e-file a Return?

November 22, at 1: The same rule frm in cases of taxable foreclosure sales. March 1, at 1: A filing system where the taxpayer 2551n ATA can submit their tax returns online.


Download from any of the following: July 29, at 6: March 2, at You can use any of the above browsers during enrollment but you must have Internet Explorer v9 to be able to submit online After downloading the package, it should be noted that the taxpayer must exit the BIR website, to avoid site traffic congestion.

Do 2551n provide any training on how to use this online system tp fill out BIR forma for taxes? The time of execution is not extended to the time of the notarization of the Deed of Sale. This requirement is mandatory for all Large Taxpayers.

BIR Form No. 2551M Monthly Percentage Tax Return

Provided, that non-LTS shall no longer be allowed to submit in hard copies thereafter once the said taxpayer opted to comply with the requirements prescribed by the Regulations. For the purpose of determining the date when the returns are filed, if no payment is required, it shall be the date the original eFiling was duly submitted.

Submit the DVD-R properly labeled to the BIR where registered, together with a Notarized Certification of said RR, duly signed by the authorized representative of the taxpayer certifying that the soft copies of the said form are the complete and exact copies of the original thereof.


After submitting the returns hir, the system will prompt and ask if you are already enrolled in the Online eBIRForms System.

Philippine Forms – Monthly PercentageTax Return BIR Form M

Excise Tax Forms 3. Top Individual Taxpayers 7. April 6, at 8: June 1, at For eFPS, continue to ePay following existing issuances. All taxpayers must file where they are registered.

The use of Offline eBIRForms is encouraged used to provide ample time for return preparation and does not require an internet connection. Install the Package and then open it.

November 16, at 4: Yes, under RR Withholding Tax Forms 5. Individuals enrolling online for themselves shall be automatically activated without submitting any documents to BIR. Income Tax Returns 2.

Percentage Tax Return 3. Percentage Tax Forms 7.

After downloading the Package, log off the website. Page set up margins internet explorer shall be: Documentary Stamp Tax Forms 6.