Fannie Mae Form D: Appraisal Update and/or Completion Report This report is used to complete an Appraisal Update, a Final Inspection. Fannie Mae Form D / Freddie Mac Form Appraisal Update and/or Completion Report Sequence Loading. In the Uniform Collateral Data Portal®. The D form issued by Fannie Mae has two distinct sections. The first section is utilized to produce a summary appraisal report associated.

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Fires, floods, vehicle accidents, wind storms, hurricanes, tornadoes are all factors that can affect real property. When a local disaster happens, and is officially declared, lenders often ask appraisers to observe the current condition of their mortgaged properties.

The assignment date may be days, weeks or months after the declared vorm. Something it is not designed to do. And this is all too common. Before you begin screeching at me, yes, the GSE or form is a possibility. But those require inputting local market data statistics and trends, which the lender client may not need or want. All the client really cares about is whether their property is still standingwith doors, windows, walls, and roof, with no observed damage to the structure or from, at a low fee.

The solution to this requested nonsensical form for this disaster inspection is to use verbiage like I have on the D. This is an actual report I 1004v did. The added Property Condition Report form with photos gives the lender enough info to satisfy their evaluation of their property at a current date.

Be real careful if you suspect any potential damage that cannot be readily observed from the street. You may need torm add an Extraordinary Assumption statement in the report. Each of the various appraisal report software vendors should have a similar form as the one in my report.

So check yours and pick one that works. Observing exterior conditions and reporting what you see in a simple format is not an appraisal assignment because no value statement is made. Dave Towne on e-AppraisersDirectory.

Thanks Dave, great advice. Thanks for the information. We were getting for those at one point. It is not a stand alone report, and I have never, and will never, provide a Fogm without an accompanying foorm for it to attach to. Anything else is misleading to the report user.


Form D |

It is the appraisers responsibility to provide appraisal consultation if necessary. The check box for verification of MV should only be requested, and should only be fofm by the appraiser, when there is an issue with expiring age life of the appraisal effective date, per FHA shelf life rules. If lenders need a renewed effective date outside of FHA, they should order a new appraisal entirely, but should also be able to cop a discount if the same appraiser revisits the analysis.

Most of the heavy lifting is done, but anything which requires a renewed effective date analysis, practically fform an entire new workfile to accommodate the market data.

A true D with value recert, probably comes with a fresh grid and a new comp or two. How else could the appraisal remain compliant with 11004d new 2 in 90, 2 a or uc, and other bracketing sales? If the shelf life has expired, checking value recert without providing a new U90 comp, is misleading itself because theoretically, the U90 is why there is a change to value.

The fact the D does not have 6 grid slots which require filling if the value recert is checked, is a developmental short coming. After the Northridge earthquake of ? Address; borrower or owner name, file number, and check boxes essentially asking if there were visible chimney crack, exterior surface crack or visible foundation cracks.

Clients need to know what their specific objective is.

Disaster Inspections on the D Form – Appraisers Blogs

IF it is only stating whether there is obvious damagethen its relatively easy. IF an opinion of value trend or impact of the hurricane is being requested then frankly that simply cannot be done in ANY Credible manner. The market has not yet demonstrated a reaction to the disaster. The most any one could do is opine using extraordinary assumptions based on other disaster areas like Louisiana or Florida or past events in Texas itself.

What would the point of that be? Conclusion would be entirely assumptive.

With enough extraordinary assumptions most appraisers could make property located on the volcano lip of Mount St. Helens seem like a sound investment. FNMA should assure appraisers are really qualified; and that borrowers are not also being taken advantage of. Formm assignments may be condition collateral verification related for existing loans whether in default or not or for possible forbearance purposes.


FNMA should not render 1004v meaningless by extraneous requirements. Still others may be some type of drive-by for as yest undetermined purposes. Just be careful what ever you do. THIS is where we really prove ourselves to be professionals helping our fellow Americans and neighbors…or mere 10004d hacks.

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The 1004D for Disaster Inspections – Advice

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Form 1004D

January 29, 8: February 1, 9: February 7, – February 8, February 7, 9: Dang, they stay busy. Mismo talks a big line Check this find out.

Corm relatively sure this was not intended Good explanation, however, it goes beyond that. There is outright price Gadda, that’s simply not true.

I think if the issue really is a shortage of appraisers